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This was the first Gameathon. It was planned as a one off but has ended up being something much much more. Together, the seven of us managed to raise an amazing £867.09!


We dusted off the large pile of classic board games we had in the loft, like Monopoly & Connect 4 and loaded up our video games like Minecraft & our DS consoles. To be honest, it was a lot harder than we originally thought ,especially around 3am, but we didn't give up and helped each other out when it was tough. We were more than relieved to hear the klaxon, signaling the end and we felt a great sense of achievement. We  had successfully completed our first 24-Hour Gameathon. Finally we could shut our eyes! 

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After the Gameathon, I was invited to BBC Three Counties Radio to be interviewed live on air by Andy Collins on his Breakfast Show.  Also, the team were invited to appear on the regional live Appeal Show which was brilliant & I was interviewed by David Whiteley from Anglia News. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget.


Jack Careem
Charlie Williams
Jake Racher
Finley Hampson

Peter Belisario
Jack Errick
Harrison Ball

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