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(That's Me!)

Hi, I'm Jack Careem.  Welcome to the official website of the 24-Hour Gameathon.

In 2017, I created my first 24-Hour Gameathon with a small group of friends. The goal was to raise £250 for the charity, Children In Need. The challenge of the Gameathon was to play a variety of board games & electronic games for 24 hours. It was more challenging than we originally thought but we stuck together and dug deep during the early hours. Unbelievably, the grand total we raised blew our original target out of the water and we tripled it! From that day forward, The 24 GT was born. Each year I have recruited more and more of my friends to take part in this challenge. The team has grown and so have our totals! It's an amazing feeling when we smash our targets and raise a great amount for a charity I am passionate about helping. For years I used to watch the Children In Need Appeal Show with my Mum & Dad and after watching it one year I realised I wanted to help too. Now, 6 years later and we have raised a whopping £10,034 in total!


"We Do It So They Can"

Taking part in a 24-Hour Gameathon is great fun, a bit exhausting and also has its challenges. There is a lot of effort needed long before the event itself to make sure we get lots of sponsors from family and friends. The fundraising part is essential so we can be a part of helping UK children who need it. The money we raise really makes a difference and that is why I want to continue the Gameathon as long I can. Since creating the 24 GT, I have learned a lot about Children In Need and how they support children that are faced with challenges. Whether someone has a life changing disability or illness, a battle against mental ill health or struggles with poverty, Children In Need don't turn a blind eye to anyone. Each year we relentlessly hunt for people to sponsor us. It's down to their generosity and our determination, that we have been able to make a difference in some way to help these children. "We do it so they can".  By doing something as simple as playing games, we can hope that one day these children can play too!

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